Rest Today. Your Life Will Be Just Fine.

How often do you feel like your life will fall apart or you’ll experience some kind of existential wrench in your process forward if you rest?  Let’s explore rest and pleasure in the process of creation.

Rest is an integral part to momentum, to forward action. Honestly, slowing down makes you feel like you have more time because you are actually taking the time and then you actually have more time.

Let your mind gloss over this paradox and instead feel it in your being.

Rest is the deep nourishing ground where inspiration visits through, it’s where we refill our reserves for the next wave of inspiration in action.

It is where your subconscious has time to deeply integrate all that your conscious mind and energy field experienced in your day, making you a wiser, stronger, gentler human being.

Rest is medicine.
Rest is pleasure.

Maybe I should ask, do you allow yourself pleasure?

Do you feel like you’ll experience some kind of existential wrench in your process forward if you allow yourself to feel pleasure?

I promise you, pleasure and rest will allow MORE of what you are working so hard to create for yourself.  How might you begin to experiment with this in your day?  You are welcome to pick an area of your life, and in a do-able, small enough, warming up kind of way, that feels like a safe edge for you, explore.


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