Intrinsic Trust

At first when exploring what it means to trust, it might feel like a big part of intrinsic trust is opening yourself up to the vulnerability of the new to see if what you are putting your trust in will meet you.  When it does you then have a felt experience of trust.  Trust embeds itself more in you.  It’s mostly not that the thing, person, action you are hoping for comes, though paradoxically more of what you desire to meet you can find you when you are in a state of trust.  It’s much more about you being okay if it does or doesn’t in the exact way you thought.  Because after you have the experience of being met in the way you desire, or not, you are still here, you are still alive.
And you discover what the trust has been about all along, that you can trust yourself to be free to be you, and explore this whole life thing.
You then realize that living in trust, is a way of fully living, and how different this feels than restricted doubtful half-living.
You have this one life.
What does it feel like for you to be fully alive?
Would you like to find out?

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