Where you are

You know there is more to who you are.  You know there is more to how you are living your life.  You know there is more to how you are serving your clients.  You know, but doubt and fear keep you stuck where you are.  You aren't quite sure how to bring to life this next version of you, where to start.  You wonder if it is possible for you to feel inside what you hope and pray is possible.  You wonder if it's okay for you to feel that beautiful and confident inside.  You've done so much work on your own and don't want to try by yourself anymore.                                                                                            You are so done with living a half-life, of feeling grey, small and restricted.

You feel and see glimpses of ease, joy, possibility, deep-self connection, confidence but they are fleeting.  You don't know HOW to FEEL this in your body and SEE this physically in your life as a lifestyle and how you live.

You are ready to deepen your relationship with your Soul deep self and live your life FULLY as you.  You are ready to live your soul life, out of the soul closet and live in FULL COLOUR, into your physical body and into your physical reality.  You are ready to finally say yes to personalized support just for you, and the pleasure that comes with it.                                                                                                                                                                                                   You are SO ready to feel free to be your sacred self in your full on RADIANCE, POWER and PRESENCE.


My Solution and Approach - How I Support You

There are many ways your deep self communicates with you.  I facilitate this dialogue that is inherent within you and natural for you, to discover the unique ways your soul communicates with you and how you experience Soul and Spirit in your human self.  I am a guide who works intuitively, energetically and psychologically to support you as you come to remember and begin to live from this personal and sacred place.  Know that it is POSSIBLE for you to feel this free, this alive, and that you have the innate wisdom and power inside of you to connect to your soul and to divine.  You can facilitate this connection yourself!

I use a practical and grounded approach to these spiritual and energetic explorations, along with meditative, and psychological techniques to allow an embodied integrated experience.

Your connection with yourself is so important, and you are so worth it.  Soul work cultivates your internal environment, your home inside.                Soul Coaching with me goes beyond intellectually understanding concepts, and cultivates the real time, presence of your being to create experiences you can feel.  It is the quality of your presence to be here, your inherent creative ability to facilitate, allow and receive, that we develop.  What if it was safe for you to be here as you are, to create and live?

  • I hold sacred space for your unique being to connect, ground and develop potent presence.
  • Your meditative practice and skills will blossom.
  • You will learn to identify the state of being you are in and shift it.
  • You will identify blocks to being your full free self.
  • You will identify and cultivate what your soul is yearning for.
  • You will strengthen your ability to soul connect and communicate.
  • Your intuition will grow.
  • You will develop your confidence in ALL of this.
  • and more!!!

I honour your pace, timing and approach.   When many circumstances convince us to distract, doubt and go somewhere else other than here, you will learn to connect into what is calling you here, in your body, your inherent value in your being-ness.  Here is where you can begin to hear and feel your souls voice, and a deeper, practical yet magical relationship begins.

Welcome to your magic, friend.  I'm so glad you are here.


Sessions are 1 hr.

4 Sessions = $120.00 each

1 Session = $150.00

I offer a free initial consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other.