I offer Soul Coaching and connection if you are ready to deepen your relationship with your Soul/deep self, or if you are just starting out.  There are many ways our deep self communicates with us.  I facilitate this dialogue that is inherent within you and natural for you, to discover the unique ways your soul communicates with you and how you experience Soul and Spirit in your human self.  I am a guide and support as you come to remember and begin to live from this personal and sacred language.


People dedicated to their spiritual and human growth, who are ready for more of their expanded full self, to live with more connection, vibrancy and colour, tend to find me.  Practical meditative techniques and states are utilized. I offer a free initial consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other.

I use a practical and grounded approach to these spiritual and energetic explorations, to allow an embodied integrated experience.

Your connection with yourself is so important, and you are so worth it.  Soul work cultivates your internal environment, your home inside.  Soul Coaching goes beyond intellectually understanding concepts, and cultivates the real time, presence of your being to create felt experiences for yourself.  It is the quality of your presence to be here, and your inherent creative ability to facilitate and allow, that we strengthen.  What if it was safe for you to be here as you are, to create and live?

When many circumstances convince us to distract, doubt and go somewhere else other than here, you can learn to connect into what is calling you here, in your body, your inherent value in your being-ness.  You learn to call yourself back home to yourself in a way that works for your pace, timing and approach.  Here is where you can begin to hear your souls voice, and a deeper, practical yet magical relationship begins.