I tune into your energy and allow insight, image and information to come through, through a very natural way of energetic and soul communication.

These sessions are here for your self-empowerment, to understand something you are going through and how to support yourself, what may be a block, and what may help you along for your embodied magic, for practical soulful ways of living that feel right for you, for your next phase of who you are becoming. These sessions are for your unapologetic, full colour, full self.

You are welcome to come for a specific reason, or a more general reason with an openness in connecting more with yourself. I read your energy or if you prefer, I can hold a personal object of your choosing.

My wish for you is to breathe with an ease you almost can’t believe is possible.

Your personal agency in and out of session is central. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. Email me to connect.

Sessions are 1 hr.

4 Sessions = $120.00 each

1 Session = $150.00