How may I be a fit for you?

The following are examples of areas I can be of support for you if you are feeling:

  • ready for the next version of yourself and would love support getting there
  • spiritual growth, exploration and emergence
  • feel a lot and want support with everything you are feeling, sensing within you, from other people and your environment
  • empathic and are unsure how to distinguish your energy from other's energy
  • wanting support with dreams and symbolism on the subconscious dream phenomenon level
  • searching for greater purpose and meaning
  • life transitions
  • low self-worth, low self-love
  • lack of motivation, procrastination and avoidance
  • lack of inspiration or direction
  • have a lot of inspiration, but can't make a decision or move forward
  • confused or stuck
  • disconnected or alone
  • coping with general, specific or social anxiety
  • grief, heartbreak
  • something missing in your life
  • living with fear
  • don't know what you want but know you want more
  • difficulty relaxing, resting, or sleeping
  • overwhelmed with too many feelings, thoughts or energy
  • underwhelmed feeling grey or lack of feeling and fatigue
  • trying to understand yourself

How I work...

You don’t have to do this all on your own.  We are social beings who while striving for independence and self sufficiency, need and thrive with the support of each other.  I will support you in developing a deeper connection to yourself and others, and a working/receiving relationship with life. I will help you gain greater understanding of yourself and your resourcefulness, to move towards a sense of renewal, purpose and joy. I address the whole self: Human, spirit, nature, and animal self in discovering and cultivating what brings you meaningful experience.

This is not a one size fits all process.  Respecting you, what works for you, your pace, your readiness, your agency, is central.

Counselling with me is a process that is concerned with and cares for you as a person. People see me who have an interest in a depth approach into the system of their being and lifestyle, into the heart of the matter.  Coping techniques to address acute or pervasive feelings and patterns of behaviour are utilized.

Orienting around a talk therapy model, I also work somatically drawing upon breathing and mindful techniques, meditation, guided imagery, and I work with subconscious material through imaginal symbolic language and via dream work.

A communicative internal team of mind, body, heart and soul can lend us experiences to embody and support integrated, positive impact in our lives.  I honour the intellectual logical part of self, the physical felt sense wisdom of the body, the heartfelt emotional waves of being, and the soulful mysterious depths of being.

“But if you travel far enough, one day you will recognize yourself coming down to meet yourself. And you will say - yes.”
~Marion Woodman